Friday, 7 July 2017


Am I matured enough?

Everyday I wake up in the morning I question myself:

WHat is my Purpose in Live?

Why I lack in motivation?

Why is my future Plan?

I keep worriying to get a job?

To get money?

To continue surviving in this world?

But, You know.

You just need to stop for a while a nd said alhamdulillah.

The moment to say thank you to Allah...

You are the best....because no matter if you are rich or poor....

You can survived in this world if you learn to appriciate....

Learn to thinks that all we have is enough and there is millions out there does not have what we have.....

So learn to thank God because even a drop of water contain a lot of blessing if we became grateful of it.

In contrast, Even thousands litters of water can satisfy your thirst if you are not be grateful.

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