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Tips and Tricks: How to make money online with Nuffnang?

Tips and Tricks: How to make money online with Nuffnang?

What is Nuffnang? 
Have you ever seen commercials on TV –the one with beautiful actors and actresses who markets their products on mainstream media? Nuffnang is very similar to those but instead of TV commercials, they put their advertisements on blogs and websites.

"Nuffnang is Asia Pacific's first blog advertising community, managing around 1 million bloggers who generate 13 million page-views per day. Also, Nuffnang has grown into a global community of over 900,000 blogs. It now has offices in 7 cities around the world, including Philippines, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Manila, Beijing, Bangkok and London. I believe it is gonna conquer the world soon."

How does it work?

Nuffnang is absolutely free. Basically they put ads on your website/blog and you earn commission every time someone sees or clicks them. There are three ways you can earn from Nuffnang:

  •  Metered CPM (MCPM) Campaign. Advertisers buy a number of unique visitors of the blog for a set period and bloggers will be paid once their blog fully served the number of unique visitors that the advertisers bought. They pay you for the number of page views you get. (ad exposure)
  •   Cost Per Click (CPC) Campaign. Bloggers earn by the number of clicks generated by their unique visitors on the ad unit running the CPC campaign. You get payed every time someone clicks on your ad. 
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM) Campaign. What bloggers earn depends on the number of unique visitorsthey had in the week that the ad campaign is served. Same with the first one, only this is accumulated earnings.

Nuffnang is 100% legit

I use Nuffnang to generate income on this blog myself. I've cashed out 2 times already and I'm almost halfway through my 3rd cash out. You see, Nuffnang requires a minimum of Php 2,000 for withdrawal requests. 

Nuffnang VS. Google Adsense

  • Target Audience. If your sites are targeting audiences mainly in Asia-Pacific, probably it is better to use Nuffnang rather than Adsense. Majority of the Google Adwords advertisers are from United States, Europe, or UK in which their high paying ads are targeted to their own countries. The high paying ads will not show up if your site is browsed from an Asia IP address. In other words, you are publishing low paying ads with merely $0.01 to $0.10 earned per click. High paying ads can generate high income, as high as $5.00 per click.
  • Nuffnang is open to everyone. Nuffnang is open to all bloggers across different platforms while on the other hand Google Adsense requires your blog/website to be examined and approved -they only accept high quality and high traffic blogs.

Perks of being a Nuffnang Member

Nuffnang is more than just a blog advertising service. . Nuffnang also is a community of bloggers, by bloggers, for bloggers. You can get a chance to join a ton of blogging events, contests and increase your network as a blogger. 

How do you make money using Nuffnang?

First you make your own blog. If you don't know how you can read this article right here Read: How to start a blog from scratch in 20 minutesAfter starting a blog, you can now serve ads on your website. But I must tell you, blogging is not an easy thing. You've got to build your traffic from the ground up to actually make a decent amount of money using Nuffnang. But here are three ways you could maximize your earning potential from Nuffnang:

  • Serve all ad units. I added all 3 ad units on my blog (leaderboard, skyscrapper and large rectangle). Based on my observation, I noticed that most of the time every ad unit will run an advert from different clients. So, maximize the chance of being selected for campaigns with 3 ad units running together
  • Produce Quality Content. You ever heard of the saying "content is king"? This is very true with blogging. You need to write stuff people could actually benefit from. And I must say producing quality content doesn't come easy. 
  • Be a Glitterati Member. I choose to stay as Nuffnang Glitterati member to gain higher CTR (click through rate), eligible for advertorials opportunities, faster payment term and enjoy exclusive invites to events and many more. Glitterati means "an exclusive Nuffnang blogger that has NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her blog".
  • Always update your blog survey. Last but not least, completing Nuffnang blog survey is equally important as many others mentioned above. But I bet many of you tend to neglect and skip this part. The survey is actually there to help advertisers to know the blog better and most importantly, to choose the blogs that fit their campaign. So darlings, make sure that your blog survey, especially that 100 words write up about you and your blog is filled and updated regularly.

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