Friday, 15 July 2016

Gianluigi Buffon spotted playing football with local children while on holiday

Is Gianluigi Buffon the classiest man in world football?
Yes, is the answer. Yes he is.
The goalkeeper’s Euro 2016 campaign ended in bitter defeat as Italy were sent packing from the competition at the quarter-final stage, losing on penalties to Germany.
But the 38-year-old appears to have got over the disappointment and is now back to his usual cool self. The Juventus legend is currently enjoying the off-season, holidaying in his beloved Italy, and the classy stopper has taken some time out to play football with local children.
He was spotted at the seaside town of Marina di Massa, near Pisa, having a kick-around and he looks in incredible shape!
Buffon and Juventus return to Serie A action next month and will look to win their sixth successive league title.

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