Sunday, 24 July 2016

DOs and DON'Ts in Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League boasts more than 3 million users every season, and this number is increasing drastically every year. I am sharing my experiences to all the fantasy enthusiasts here. To begin with let it be very clear that I am not an expert in fantasy. I am in my fourth season, and here are some useful tips that helped me improve my points over the years:

1. Squad Selection

The start of the season offers many unknowns, so try to keep your initial squad flexible and dynamic. Avoid spending too much of your budget in attack at the expense of your defense, or midfield, and select players from a range of prices in each category. This will allow you viable transfer options should you need them, and it will put you in a strong position to move quickly on any emerging form players. Avoid taking too many risks with your initial player selection. A few keeps it interesting but try to make sure they're balanced out by a greater number of proven fantasy football performers.

When it comes to selecting players, I recommend you to pay attention to your starting XI. But make sure your substitutes are regular. Avoid defensive mid fielders in fantasy team, for they are barely involved in attack. Having set piece takers will strengthen your squad.

2. Patience is the key to success

In my first season, I had squandered more than 100 points in extra transfers. If you make an early transfer, and another player in your team picks up injury then you might have to take point hit. So, very patient regarding transfers, and try to procure as many news as possible about teams and players during the week, and make your transfers as late as possible. Never make multiple transfers and waste your points. Always keep yours eyes on the forthcoming fixtures for next 3-5 weeks when you are making the transfers.

3. Make the most of FPL chips
The best time to use FPL chips is double game weeks. Certain teams play twice within a single game week. Usually there will be two double game weeks in a season. Double game weeks come at the end of the season. Remember you cannot use your wildcard and any of the three chips together in the same game week. So, it is important to keep your eyes on fixtures, and use your second wildcard to get as many double game week players as possible few game weeks before the double game week. Proper use of double game weeks can help you gallop thousands of places in the rankings.

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4. Build  the team value

Like I said earlier, the start of the season offers many surprises, and most FPL users stay active during this time of the season. So if some players consistently do well during the first few weeks, they are likely to be transferred in by the majority of users, and their prizes ascend very quickly. So it is a safe option to go with the trend and bring popular bandwagon players during the start of the season, and build your team value. You can be selective about your transfers later on. Using the first wildcard early or having the good amount in the bank while creating your team can help you build the team value.

Add your own tips and strategies in the comments below. Enjoy the game everyone.

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