Friday, 5 February 2016

We Got married?

We Got Married? Did you often hear this word? Actually it is a korean reality Tv show that help their idol or artist to make love or dating. Eventhough it is just a fake marrigge or a virtual marrigge But some couple might show their true feeling. But in Malaysia we practice Marrigge first before fall in love, although there is some or many people practice dating or coupling.

So what is pros or cons?

Even I dont have experience in marrying a girl but, my thought is it is better to married first before dating, because it is useless if you use all your effort dating but at last you break up.....

Jeng.....Jeng..Jeng......You must be heart broken at this stage. But in korea they did this reality show because for an artist it is very difficult to fall in love. They might cause a scandal or else. Because of the popularity this show became their platform to express their inner desired. It is actually quite fun watching this reality TV shows. Some couple have impress in my heart such as Kwanghee and han sunwa couple. Eventhough their ending is sad but for me the saddest ending is the best because it leave a huge impact like Tatanic.

Just boring and end up typing sorry for the grammar and spelling mistake. Gudnight.

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