Friday, 16 October 2015

Master Vs Degree What is your opinions?

Master Vs Degree What is your opinions?

Assalammualaikum & Salam hari Jumaat.

Today lets have soome thought about Master Vs Degree What is your opinions?

Having the experience through the Degree period for Four years make me thinks Degree period in University is a longer period and a little bit hard. This is just because of enormous assignment that the lecturer give to us.

But lately, after pursuing Master Science for just about 2 month I did realize that Master Science are just 10x Buzier than Degree period.

This is because during Master period we need to wake up every day and Punch card starting 8 O'clock to 5 P.M. in the evening. It is just a working system like other worker outside there. The only different are you need to came out with your own idea, your own experiment, you must be creative enough to came out with idea to solve problem yourself.

In contrast, In my degree period everything is just about as easy as we just follow the sistem. The important thing in degree period was to be excellent in test and examination. But the truth is if you get 50% it is already enough to make you pass & graduate.

Lastly, You dont have to worried about money problem during degree period. You can apply scholaarship or more less you can get PTPTN. But in Master period, money was a crucial problem. Either you use your own money or you apply GRF(fellowship) but for GRF the compettition is high and if you get GRF you must punch caard 8-5 P.M. every day 5x a week.

But, nothing is really is a problem if you really interested and happy in whatever you want to pursue.

Remember, What do you learn from your father?

What I learn from my Father working make me happy.

Happy working....Assalammualaikum.

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