Monday, 17 August 2015

How to Speed up Your Laptop

1. Remove unwanted programs. There are a number of unwanted and unused programs on every computer which slow down its performance. It is highly recommended to remove these programs to free valuable resources of your computer. All you need to do is to go to your control panel and use add remove program section to uninstall unwanted softwares. 
 2. Delete cookies and temporary Internet files. Cookies and temporary Internet files occupy computer memory which results is slow computer performance. You can go to Internet options under tools on your browser and delete cookies. You can also use my computer section of your computer and right click your C drive and perform disk clean up to remove unwanted files. This is quick way to boost your laptop / PC performance.
3. Perform Disk Defragmentation. Over the time, files are scattered in different parts of the computer. Disk defragmentation is the solution to clean up all the mess and tidy up all files and folders on hard drive. Disk defragmentation option is available under programs and system tools section. It may take an hour or more to complete this process but the performance boost you gain is noticeable immediately. Note that many recent operating systems defragment automatically on a regular basis, so running disk defragmenter may be a waste. Also note that it won't boost the performance of a solid state drive.
4. Use Advance PC optimization Tools. PC optimization tools can offer an easy solution to overcome many computer problems. While they can be very useful for the less technically minded, many are scams, malware, adware, or just buggy and poorly designed, so make sure that the creator of the software you use is reputable (CCleaner is a good place to start). (SSD). 

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