Thursday, 30 July 2015

today assignment cari type oxygen regulator

There are two types of Oxygen Regulators:
1.)Continuous flow oxygen regulators: These regulators attach to the top of your oxygen tank and have a dial that allows the patient to adjust their liter flow. These oxygen regulators only provide continuous flow settings so they will bleed and empty your oxygen tank fairly quickly depending on how high your flow setting is and how often you use your oxygen tank. These oxygen regulators usually start around $30 and go up to $60.
2.) Oxygen Conserving Regulators: Oxygen conserver regulators attach to the top of your tank and come in two styles. Either a pneumatic conserver which works off the air pressure or battery operated oxygen conserver. The conserving regulators usually help your oxygen tank last about 5 times as long as with a continuous oxygen regulator at the same flow rate. How they work is they give a pulse dose of oxygen to the patient when the patient breathes and causes back pressure in the oxygen tubing which will trigger the regulator to give a breath. The oxygen conservering regulators only put out oxygen when they are triggered by the patient. The cons with these types of regulators is that if the patient is either a mouth breather or does not breathe deep enough it will not trigger the pulse dose regulator to give the patient a dose of oxygen. Most oxygen conserving regulators are sensitive enough to work with most patients but there are situations where the patient will require a continuous flow regulator. Most all of the oxygen conserver regulators on the market also have a continuous flow option of around 2LPM if needed. The most popular oxygen conserving device regulators on the market are made by devilbiss and by precision medical.

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