Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Rahsia Hidup

Assalam dan selamat petang. Dalam kesempatan masa yang terluang ini tiba-tiba hati ini terusik untuk berkongsi sekelumit rahsia yang menyerikan hidup seorang lelaki bernama Haffis. Hari ini yang mana setahun yang lalu i just became a practical student but now i became a research assistant. Actually life became harder for me. Firstly in order to choose whether to further study or to find a job it is actually a quite dilemma for me. So here the secret why did I choose to furher study compare to find a job.

1) Life in campus is too beautiful to be forgetten.

2) Accumulate the experience of your senior and lecturer.

3) Recap back what is your DREAM.

4) Then, keep on praying and ask guidance with Allah through Du'a.

5) Lastly catch your dream.

Life is all about you, the person whom making the decision. Never give up. this is because when did your best there is Allah a place for us ask help. Remember always try your very hard. All the best wassalam.....

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