Friday, 16 December 2016

RM 10 Vs RM 20 its so confusing

Hi everyone today I just want to share to all of you about how confusing RM 10 compare to RM 20. Here is the reason RM 20 look exactly the same as RM 10. the color of RM 10 was red while RM 20 was orange. But in reality the color almost the same but the value double.

Today I go to eat soup daging with RM 5.80. I paid for RM20 and waited for change, but the Makcik just gave me back RM 4.20. At first I did not notice, but at last, I was shocked at the moment, and I lost my appetite. Because I realize it too late, so it is hard to explain the matter.

But after sincerely explained to the Makcik I got my money back.

But before this I alway does not get back my change because of the Makcik confusion.

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